PAR Program - Partner Assault Response Program

PAR Program is a psycho-educational program approved by Domestic Violence Court. This program specializes in counselling and educating offenders who are ordered to attend the PAR program, if they are:

  • Charged with domestic abuse
  • Charged domestic violence
  • As a bail condition
  • As a probation condition

This program is also helpful for those individuals who realize and wish to stop their abusive and violent behaviour towards their partner.

PAR Program at AMARS is delivered in twelve (12) one-to-one counselling sessions delivered by experienced counselors / therapist in and safe, confidential and respectful environment.

During this program, participants get an opportunity to explore their beliefs and attitudes towards their partners. They learn:

  • Impact of their abuse / violence on their partner and / or children
  • How to resolve their conflicts in a non-abusive and respectful manner
  • Maintain a healthy relationship with their partner
  • How abuse and violence effects their children

AMARS also extends its help to the victims and children affected by abusive and violent behaviour of their partner / parent, through in-house treatment programs.

If need arises the counselors / therapist at AMARS makes appropriate referrals.